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Dear uncle harold,
I am one of the many people who receive your messages. My problem is that i am now preparing my self to enter into a relationship with a lady. I need some counseling from you.
thank you.

Dear E,

Thank you for your inquiry.
I am not sure what you mean by a relationship.  It it is just a friendly one, and you and she are both Christians then it would be all right. But if it is a sexual one, I have a very short and kind answer to your inquiry. You should not enter into a relationship with this lady.  This is fornication in God's eyes.  This relationship is for marriage only.

I don't know you or your age, but I have a good email Bible Course on this subject. I am sending you lesson one and if you decide to take it then do the test page and when you return it I will send lesson two.

Hope to hear from you shortly.

In His Service,

Dear Harold,

Thanks very much for the reply. The fact is that I got to know this lady not long ago. It started when I met her at a phone booth and started advising her not knowing that she had a lot of problems from the house. I told her I want us to be only friends but she does not seem to agree to that. I am 27 and single.
thanks for the lesson you've sent me.

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