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QUESTION 18: What do you have to say about churches doing raffles to raise funds? Would this be considered gambling?
ANSWER: Raffles are using money to chance of winning something. This is in the same category as gambling.  Bingo I believe was first legalized for churches to use. This is sad indeed. Churches and people who professed to be Christians should not be using raffles or any other schemes to solicit money from the world in general.  The Church is supposed to  belong to God and not the world.
    The churches of our days are instructions in society. They are supposed to be where people go to worship God.  They appear to be among those that are looked upon as being in need, in order to help those who might be in need.  This is not the concept of a New Testament church.  You will read the Bible in vain to find any Roman Catholic or Protestant churches as we know them today: either by name or system
    So the question above can only be relevant to the churches of our day. The churches in the Bible were only composed of born again people who were known as Christians. (Acts 11:26) They gathered to the Person of Christ (Matt 18:20) and in their gatherings they were taught by elders and prayed and worshiped together. The only places where they are said to have gathered were in homes. No public building until about 240 years after Christ.
    The argument today is that we need the church so people can come to worship and hear the Gospel.  This is the problem. The gospel is not for the churches, but for the world. (Mark 16:15) The world does not need the Church, but the gospel. The early church went  everywhere spreading the good news of salvation though faith in Christ. As they went for they were told, ” freely ye have received, freely give.”  Matt 10:8. In speaking of those that were spreading the gospel John writes, “ Because that for his name’s sake they went forth, taking nothing of the Gentiles.” 3 John 1:7 The God they served wasn’t poor. Their needs were met by Him.
    God’s work should be done by God’s people and supported only but them. One of the main hindrances of the preaching of the gospel is that it is commercialized and some have become extremely rich by sponging on the general.
    A church that needs to have raffles had better look at the Bible to see their spiritual needs instead.
    To all unsaved, giving or going to a church will not save you. Neither do you have to give God anything to be saved. But you do need to repent of your sins and trust in Christ to get what God want to give you.
    For further help listen to : http://www.gospel-tapes.com/index.html/governor.m3u

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