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Should there be Christian organizations selling bibles, biblical videotapes, gospel songs, etc. If we do, then aren't we asking a lot from the Gentiles?

It is sad; indeed, that some evangelists have so commercialized the gospel and turned many off. It is big business and seems to have brought much money into the hands of those involved. Appeals to the general public for funds for the Lord's word is absolutely wrong. "They (the workers) went forth taking nothing of the Gentiles (unsaved)." 7 Because that for his name's sake they went forth, taking nothing of the Gentiles. 3 John 1:7. Paul could say, "I have coveted no man's silver, or gold, or apparel." Acts 20:33.

However, bookstores are businesses that are selling goods honestly. Much of the material sold is very beneficial to the growth of the Christian. They could not be classed along with the commercialism of the Word of God. I will say that there are some publishers who are constantly printing new translations or paraphrases of the Bible that seems highly commercialized. There is a grave warning to heed about bookstores. Some of the material sold is not worth reading or recommending to others. Many of them will sell books on doctrines that are contrary to their own convictions. Much of the material on Christian living is nothing more than "secular psychology." The best book on counselling is the Bible.

Dear Reader, where do you stand in relationship to God? There is only one way to be reconciled, and that is through faith in the death of Christ for your sins. Romans 5:9-10.

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