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How is it that most professing Christians are no different than the non-christian?

This is one of the obstacles of modern Christianity. It is a deterrent to others who are becoming Christians. There are many who "say" they have faith in Christ, but this will not save them. There is a big difference between 'saying" and "having" faith in Christ. James puts it well in James 2;14. He uses three little words to answer this question. "Say" in James 2;14, "show" in James 2:18 and "seeth" in James 2:22. "..though a man "say" he has faith, and have not works? Can faith save him?" James 2;14 The answer is evidently, No! He goes on to say it should be "showing" James 2:18 There ought to be some outward signs of an inward faith.

It would be hard to convince a person that a certain tree was an apple tree, unless there were some apple blossoms or apples of some kind. It would be hard to convince one that you put yeast in a pan of dough, if it never raised a bit. Therefore, it is with genuine faith. It will show in some degree, some thirty-sixty or hundred fold. In this way other, (see James 2:22,) our faith in action. It is not professions we need, we have too many now, but we need to see people who possess Christ. Let us not say so and so were saved today. Let us wait until we can see their faith in actions. James is not saying that it is faith AND works that saves, but a faith THAT works.

Do you have this kind of faith? Are people seeing your faith in action? A dead faith cannot save. "..Faith without works is dead" James 2:26. Do you trust Christ 100% for your salvation? When you do, it will work in your life. Do trust Him and become a new creature today.

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