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When Christ died on the cross He cried, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me"- Matthew 27:46. Did He not know why He was there? Why did God forsake Him.?

This is a very puzzling question to many. It would appear at face value that He did not know, and that He was questioning the actions of the Father. However, this is far from the knowledge and character of the Lord Jesus Christ. Scriptures bear out at this time He knew all things, (John 19:28), and had already declared many times that He must go to Jerusalem and be killed and rise again on the third day.

The Lord asked many questions He already had the answers to, i.e. (Luke 24:19) when told of His own death just three days before and the events surrounding it; He asks "WHAT THINGS" He most certainly knew. This was one of His methods of teaching. Matthew 27:46 is a quotation from Psalms 22:1. The Hebrew word for WHY could read What! Or How! Thou hast forsaken me? It is in a question form but it is not a COMPLAINT. He is not feeling sorry for Himself. It is not a REQUEST for help.

It is not a CHARGE against God; it is BUT a STATED FACT. He was LEFT ALONE (forsaken) to bear all of our sins, all by Himself. It is a wonderful DECLARATION coming out of the darkness that enveloped the cross; that God has laid on Christ the sin of man and He has now provided a ransom, and is able to forgive sinners. The term forsaken is much misunderstood. God never turned His back on His Son while He was on the cross, (Psalms 22:24). In fact, this offering of Himself went up to God "as a sweet smelling savour, Ephesians 5:2. It was well pleasing to God, Isaiah 53:10. For the very first time on earth the PERFECT WILL OF GOD was completed. He was never more pleased than when He beheld His Son bear away our sins.

What about you? Are you pleased with His sacrifice for you? Have you trusted Him?

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