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Some people tell us that Christmas is not in the Bible. Is not ‘giving’ the true spirit of Christmas?
The spirit or ‘keeping’ of Christmas is an age old controversy. However (as with everything) there are extremes to be avoided regarding Christmas. A Christian who rejects it completely becomes known as "one who does not believe in Christmas" and therefore the glow of their real testimony is lost. To go to the other extreme is to follow the spirit of the world, and not the Spirit of Christ.
The Bible is absolutely silent as to the birthday of Christ. In the record of His thirty three years on earth there is no mention of His date of birth. It is therefore very evident that God never intended Christians (or the world) to observe His birthday. His virgin birth and His holy sinless life here on earth were necessary in order for Him to become our Redeemer, but His death alone is what Christians are told to commemorate, "Do this in remembrance of Me" (Luke 22:19). The real giving of the Person of Christ was not a GIVING of one to another, neither was it of a materialistic nature, but "unto us a SON IS GIVEN" (Isaiah 9:6); "God so loved the world He GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON...” (John 3:16).
 The commercial world has capitalized on Christmas and gullible people (including Christians) buy what they can't afford to keep up with the Jones' who aren't going anywhere. The greatest gift ever given is in the Person of Christ; the GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE through Jesus Christ our Lord (cf. Romans 6:23). Have you received this gift yet? Whatever you get for Christmas will not last; but God's gift will last forever. It is the kind of life you need to enter Heaven. Take Him into your life as your Saviour from sin and you will fulfill the real meaning of His birth, death and resurrection. Make this the happiest Christmas by receiving Christ as your personal Saviour.

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