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QUESTION: 75  What is the significance of the four horses in the book of Revelations and the seals?

ANSWER: The four horsemen represents the first four major events in the Tribulation that begins after the Rapture. If you compare these with Matthew 24:4-7 they sort of go together.

                 Revelation 6:                                                        Matthew 24:

1- Rider of the white horse V.2   antichrist                 4,5 False christs

2- Rider on the red horse    V.4   war                          6. Wars and rumours of war

3-Rider on the black horse   V,5,6                               7. Famines

4-Rider on the pale horse    V.7,8                               7,9 Pestilences and death    

The Tribulation begins in Matt 24: because it is a time when God takes the nation of Israel through a time of trouble (see Jer. 30:7) In verses 4-14. God will be dealing with  the nation of Israel  during the  first three and a half years.   This parallels with the seals of Revelation 6: 2. . . The antichrist comes and makes a covenant of peace with Israel for seven years. During that time there will be some trouble for the world and Israel as the second rider takes that peace away and the others follow with famine and pestilences.

In Matt 24: 15-31 The Antichrist breaks his covenant with Israel and she flees to the wilderness and is  hidden by God for the last three and one half years, (see Rev 12:6) and remains there until Christ comes to them.  They will accept Him at that time. (See Zech 12:10)

Dear reader, if you are not saved now you could be alive during that terrible time. It is great to know Christ as your personal Saviour, and to know that when He comes you will be saved from the wrath to come.  To accept Christ means that you trust Him completely for forgiveness and salvation  Have you trusted him yet? Trust Him and be saved instantly.                            

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