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In Revelation 21:8, it speaks of the "fearful" that will not be in heaven. Who are they?

These are the first, of the list of people who will be cast into the lake of fire. The word "fearful" is only used on one other occasion in the New Testament. It is in Matthew 8:26 when the disciples were caught in a storm and the Lord in the ship was asleep. They cried out to Him, "Lord save us..." When He awoke He said "Why are ye fearful?" We would normally take the word to mean "frightened or terrified," however, it carries more of the meaning of being "timid or cowardly."

In the context of Matthew 8:26, they most certainly were terrified of the storm they were in, but in Revelation 21:8, this would not fit the context of being terrified.

When the Lord said, "Why are ye fearful?" What He was saying in essence is this, "Why are you so reluctant to trust me? I control the waves of the sea, I am in the ship with you, why not trust me in this storm?" The word in Revelation 21:8, is speaking about people who are timid and cowardly about trusting Christ as their Saviour, and confessing Him as their Saviour and Lord.

This is so true of people today. They know about the Lord Jesus and His sacrifice for their sins, but they are reluctant to trust in Him and confess Him before me. Hell will be full of these type of people. The Lord was not cowardly or timid about being placed in a public shame and dishonor, hanging on a cross between two thieves for you. Are you ashamed of Him? Have you trusted Him?  DO you confess Him as Saviour and Lord?

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