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I wished I was saved, but what is the right kind of faith? I guess I don't have it.

It is not a matter of having the right kind of faith, but who you put your faith in. Take the same faith you have in your religion or in your good works, and put it in Christ, then you will be saved. It doesn't take much faith to be saved, but it does take all you have got. It must ALL be in Christ, none other.

There is a VAIN FAITH in 1 Corinthians 15:14, Paul is reasoning that if Christ be not risen then your faith is in vain. Now, there was nothing wrong with the faith, but if it was only in a dead Christ, then it became empty and vain. The object of faith is the reality of it. Put all your faith in thin ice, and you will get wet every time. Put that same faith in thick ice, and it will hold you up, every time.

There is also a DEAD FAITH in James 2:26. Faith without works is dead. It is not faith AND works, but faith THAT works. If I have faith in thick ice it will never hold me up unless I step out on it. Just to agree that it will hold me up, is a dead faith. In James 2:21 and James 2:25, he illustrates this faith in Abraham offering up his son on the altar, and in Rahab in the hiding of the spies. Both of these illustrate an active faith.

Galatians 5:6 puts it well, "...but faith that worketh by love." When you become saved it is by an active faith in the Person and work of Christ. You trust Him with all your heart and this brings His wonderful salvation into your life.

Dear reader, It is not of works!, but it WORKS! You can't say, "I think I'll try it?" That won't work, it must be a full TRUSTING and not a TRYING. Thus, when you are doing one, you are not doing the other.

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