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How is it that so many people walk the aisles of a church, taking their stand for Christ, and yet so few of them go on to show that they are saved?

There is not doubt that many of these come to "an altar but not to Christ." Coming to Christ is not the same as coming to an altar. The one you do with your feet the other with your heart. The one is physical, and the other is spiritual. The one is external, and the other is internal.

It is sad that so many sincere people are depending on their aisle walking and kneeling at an altar instead of Christ. A public invitation of this nature was unknown until 1820 A.D. by Charles Finney. Prior to this date many were save in this way. Modern evangelism seems to be just "easy believism." People seem to think they are doing God a favour to accept Him. Jesus said "Come unto Me." Matthew 11:28. It is not the church, but Christ that sinners must come to.

I have asked hundreds of people if they were saved, they inform me that "they have taken their stand or come out in church." It seems that many are sincere and do this as their "debut," and are determined to give it a try. Many falter and eventually give up. In many cases these people were never saved. Some go on but never seem to know they are saved. It never does work that way. Modern evangelistic methods have left a trail of false professions that leave people with the attitude that "I tried that once but it doesn't work. If you are not saved yet, get to the cross where Christ died for your sins. There is forgiveness there for you. Go direct by faith to Christ. Ephesians 2:8, "For by grace are ye saved through faith..."

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