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What is lacking in the preaching of the gospel that is causing the lack of effects in those that are still unsaved?

There are all kinds of “gospels” being preached today. Some one has well worded one as, “the health and wealth gospel”. In other words the Lord offers you health and wealth if you become saved. Probably a more popular one is the “get me gospel”. What is in it for me? The greatest lack in gospel preaching today is declaring the true nature of sin.

We seem to be trying to get people to the doctor when they are not sure they are sick. It is useless to talk to people about a Saviour that are not convinced, that they need Him. It is said of a bygone evangelist that his preaching of the wrath of God against sin was so effected that men cried out “we are slipping into hell”. Sin, not only its nature, but its awful judgment and penalty is rarely heard of today.

To see the true nature of sin we have to go back to Genesis 1:26-27, where God made man in His image and after His likeness. Man was not made divine, but he alone was the representative of the God of creation. It is not said that any other creature or creation of God was made “in His image or likeness”~ Man alone represented God. “Image” speaks of “representation” and “likeness” of “resemblance”. Man was like God in that he was holy and righteous. These are the two main attributes of God. These would be seen in man alone who was to represent God on earth. When man sinned it was not just himself that he hurt, but he marred the very image of God. God's representative on earth no longer resembled Him. Though God Himself was not defiled, His representation was and this was a serious sin against God. Herein lies the true nature of sin. His holiness and righteousness, as seen in man, was defiled. This is why capital punishment is taught in Genesis 9:6, “... for in the image of God made He man."

Though this image is marred it is still there and to rise up to take another's life is to tamper further with Gods image in man. All sin then is against God. David in his awful sin of adultery and murder could say to God, “Against Thee and Thee only have I sinned...” Psalm 51:4. Had he not sinned against Bathsheba and her husband? Had he not sinned against Gods people Israel? Of course he did; but in doing so he was sinning against God; because they were in His image.

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