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If I repent and confess my sins to God will I not be saved?

While it is absolutely necessary to repent this alone will not save you. Judas repented and went out and hung himself, Matthew 27:3. He was not a believer from the beginning. John 6:64.

The bible way of salvation is clearly defined in Acts 20:21. Repentance toward God is the first step and then faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ. To take the first step only is to fall short of being saved. Some people "repent" (which is basically a change of mind about the way you are living with a resulting change of way) and in doing so they depend on their changed life to save them. This is only reformation and will not save. This is like the Pharisee of, Luke 18:8-10, who was trusting in himself. I am afraid that many are doing the same today. When one is asked whether they are saved or not, generally the answer given indicates they are trusting in themselves. Usually, they will say I go to church or have been baptized or am trying to live a good life. This is indicative that they are trusting in themselves. In the matter of repentance, one must see themselves as helpless sinners in order to trust in the Saviour. Failure to make Christ your only hope of salvation is to come short of it. Faith in Christ means you do not have your trust in anything else. It must be all in Christ or not at all. Trust in anybody must be 100% or it is not trust.

Have you repented of your sins? Have you trusted Christ?

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