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Paul said in 1 Corinthians. 9:27, "Lest when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway." Does this not mean he would be lost himself?

If you believe in being saved and lost again, you, along with many others, would use this verse to mean that. However, we must not grab a verse here and there any apply it to our pet theories.

The context of this chapter is not his salvation, but his ministry in the gospel. He is simply saying I keep myself in good spiritual shape (like an athletic) so that I might be useable of the Lord in continuing to preach the gospel. The word "castaway" means "disapproved." It means he knew that if he didn't keep a good fellowship with the Lord he would be laid aside as a gospel preacher. It is sad, that so many dear people mix salvation with service. They are not the same thing. My salvation depends entirely upon the grace of God as it is in Christ. My service depend largely on me, and what I do in the work of the Lord. It is utter confusion to mix the two.

People that do, must be partially depending on themselves and what they are doing for salvation and not depending entirely on the Lord Jesus. The question arises, does He need my help to save me? Absolutely not! Otherwise, He is not the Saviour of sinners. It is all Christ or not Christ at all. It is not me doing my part so He can do His. You turn the whole matter over to Him, like you would turn your medical problem to a doctor, or you legal problem to a lawyer.

Are you trusting in what you are doing for the Lord or in what He has done for you? Eternity with Him is the difference. Do trust Him. He is trustworthy with your salvation.

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