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What do you believe about Christian rock music? Some of the songs are good, such as "Amazing Grace." Can't God use it for His purposes?

What God can use and what we can use are two different things. God used a donkey to speak to a man, but we can't. He used a raven to feed a prophet, but we can't. I don't know much about "rock songs," but I know enough that the background of it is from heathen lands and demonic in character. The lyrics are often full of suggestive evil things and have induced many to have free sex, drugs, rebellion and even suicide.

To take the devil's music and try to make it godly is like taking the devil himself and trying to make a Christian out of him. Two scriptures come to mind: Acts 16:17-18, a demon possessed girl spoke about Paul and Silas that they were, "servants of the Most High God, which show unto us the way of salvation." This was the truth of the matter. What was Paul's reaction? It grieved him and he rebuked her and the evil spirits within. Mark 1:24, A demon possessed man spoke the truth of God when he said, "thou art the Holy One of God." What was Jesus' response? He rebuked him.

God wants to use clean vessels. 2 Timothy 2:21. He doesn't seem to want demons speaking out the truths of God. We don't need "rock" to reach people for Christ. The gospel is still "the power of God unto salvation." Romans 1:16

Reader, are you saved? Are your sins gone? Have you trusted Christ as your personal Saviour?

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