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The Blood of Christ. (continued)

The shedding of blood cannot be symbolic of His death or His dying, He never died that way. The Blood speaks of His given life. His Death, is the sacrifice He made. Isaiah 53:10, "It pleased God to bruise Him, ...when Thou shalt make His SOUL (not body) an offering (not a sacrifice) for sin. Isaiah 53:12, because he hath poured out his soul unto death: Here we have his "soul" (life as an offering),and death. His sacrificing of that soul in death. Hence, His soul and life's blood was the offering, and His body in death, the sacrifice. His life's blood and soul were the PRICE He paid to redeem us from sin, and His death, the sacrifice of Himself.; It was His sinless life and blood that was the offering which made His sacrifice of value and worth to God, and to us. It is said in Hebrews 10:29, that certain apostates , were guilty of "trampling under foot the Son of God (not the Son of Man), and counted the blood...an unholy thing." Let us not be a party with them in speaking disparagingly about His eternal Sonship and His precious blood. There is no gospel left, when these two things are taken out. Everything depends on the life, death, and resurrection, of Christ.

Dear reader, "Are you trusting 100% in Christ and His sacrifice for our sins?" Anything less won't do, and anything more is too much. Christ is enough! A little boy once said, "I always knew Christ died for my sins, but I never knew that this was enough." Well said! Christ is all, or He is not all, in your life.

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