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Can a person be saved who has never fully believed they were lost?

Being saved without first being lost is like finding something you have never lost. That would be impossible, wouldn't it?

A person has no need of salvation until they come to the place of being lost. The likelihood of this is that many are not saved because they have never seen themselves as a lost sinner in God's sight. Many will say to you what they foolishly think. If they are as good as they can be, they will be saved? They will be disappointed at that day.

It is the realization of being lost, which brings you to repentance, and God. It's like being sick, you wouldn't go to a doctor until you are sick, would you? I suppose babies that are incapable of knowing they are lost could be saved, but no sinner can ever be saved without first realizing they are lost. In fact, He only came into the world to "seek and to save that which was lost." Luke 19:10.

It took only one sin for Adam to be lost to God. (Genesis 3).He needed a sacrifice for his sins. God provided one in the sacrifice of an animal.(Genesis 3:21)

Dear reader, "Have you come to Him as a lost sinner? Have you trusted Him as your Saviour? He can only save that which is lost. Take your place as such, and be saved today.

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