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I believe in Christ, yet cannot say that I am saved?

There were many in the scriptures who believed on Him, yet they weren't saved. Look with me in John 8:30. "As he spake these words, many believed on him." These same people in John 8:44, He said were children of the devil. John 1:12-13 has the answer. "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born,...of God." The word "received" is in contrast to the previous verse where, "His own received Him not." It means that there were those who listened to Him and His message. This gave them the power" (literally the power of choice), to trust Him or not. Only those who went on to "believe on His name" were born of God.

In John 5:24 Jesus says, if you..."hear my word and believe Him that sent me." The hearing is necessary, but not enough. The hearing implies you agree with what you have heard. You give mental assent to the message; but that is not enough. You must with all your heart, trust in the Saviour of that message. This I believe to be one of the areas where people, who claim to believe, go astray. They give merely a mental agreement to what they have heard. There must be more than the intellect involved in salvation. The heart, or will, must bow as a helpless sinner before Him, as they cast themselves upon His mercy for them at the Cross.

Every saved person had to agree that Christ died for their sins before they were saved. This did not save them. They have to actually trust Him with all of their hearts in order to be saved. When this happens, the assurance will flood the soul and they will know they have passed from death unto life.

What about your dear reader? Do you agree that you are a lost sinner before God? Do you agree that Christ died for your sins? If so, have you actually committed your salvation to His finished work for you at Calvary?

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